I’m Randy Kahler. I’m a full-stack web engineer living in San Diego and working for Mapp Digital. I send email. Lots and lots of email.

When I’m not sending email, I’m typically playing with my family, playing video games, reading or dreaming up crazy theories to explain why plants tend to reach for the run as they grow (current theory: plants have not yet learned that life lesson most of us do during childhood – that fire burns you when you touch it).

I’m an avid collector of DVDs that I watch once and then just store on my shelves where they are able to themselves collect dust. I’m not sure what the dust collects, but I like to imagine that perhaps they collect atomic civilizations that are microscopic replicas of our own universe, just because that would mean there’s a subatomic version of me that is collecting DVDs that are also collecting sub-subatomic dust, thus creating an infinitely recursive set of collector collections. I like to imagine this because it give my friends migraines.

I’m married to a genuine California girl (living the dream!) and we have an annoyingly cute Beagle/Pug mix, as well an obstinate French Bulldog. We spend our nights Netflixing (which ought to be a verb by now… and I’m looking at you, Oxford people) and praying that our two toddler boys don’t wet the bed. Feel free to follow me on Twitter, and prepare to be underwhelmed by my musings.

Heck, while you’re at it, check me out on Github, StackOverflow and Instagram.