Developing a new chapter

less than 1 minute read

After 12 years with Dreamhost, I cut the cord and decided to branch out into the strange and challenging world of free web hosting. I reached the point where I just wasn’t making enough use of my Dreamhost account to just paying $11/month. I was hosting 2 blogs, 2 project domains, and 3 professional sites for a friend, and traffic was so low that I’m sure I didn’t even amount to statistical insignifance on their bandwidth monitors.

So I backed up as much as I could imagine, created free Wordpress sites to host all our historical content, and struck out to develop something fresh. So here it is - my new tech/personal blog hosted on Github using Jekyll. I figure if there’s anything else that I need to play around with, I can either do it using a home server (I just yesterday dug out my old 2012 Mac Mini and installed Ubuntu 18.04 LTS - it’s running like a champ) or deploy something to AWS/GCE. Google cloud shell is also a great place to play around with random experiments.

Yay for trying new things (and reducing monthly expenses).