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Developing a new chapter

less than 1 minute read

After 12 years with Dreamhost, I cut the cord and decided to branch out into the strange and challenging world of free web hosting. I reached the point where I just wasn’t making enough use of my Dreamhost account to just paying $11/month. I was hosting 2 blogs, 2 project domains, and 3 professional sites for a friend, and traffic was so low that I’m sure I didn’t even amount to statistical insignifance on their bandwidth monitors. ...

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Making an Athena table from the SecLists repo

1 minute read

If you’re into web security, you have hopefully heard of SecLists. It’s an amazing repository of keywords, indicators, payloads, passwords and more. It’s great not just for SecOps, but also developers and QA who want to step up their security game. ...

Randomly redistributing files with bash

less than 1 minute read

This was was damn confusing, but the solution is absurdly obvious. I needed to relocate a large number of files from a single source into a collection of subfolders. (These subfolders were essentially worker queues, so I wanted a roughly even distribution every time new files appeared in the source folder.) ...

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