Hey, I’m Randy Kahler. I’m a full-stack web engineer living in San Diego and working for Cordial. I’m a site reliability engineer – automating infrastructure monitoring and incident response to ensure optimal site performance and uptime. It’s a fancy way of saying I make sure things don’t break.

When I’m not hacking away at cloud services, I’m typically outdoors my family, playing video games, reading, or trying to reverse engineer how my wife organizes her closet.

I’m an avid collector of DVDs that I watch once and then just store on my shelves where they are able to themselves collect dust. I’m not sure what the dust collects, but I like to imagine that perhaps they collect atomic civilizations that are microscopic replicas of our own universe, just because that would mean there’s a subatomic version of me that is collecting DVDs that are also collecting sub-subatomic dust, thus creating an infinitely recursive set of collector collections. I like to imagine this because it give my friends migraines.

I’m married to a genuine California girl (living the dream!) and we have an annoyingly cute Beagle/Pug mix, as well an obstinate French Bulldog. We spend our nights Netflixing (which ought to be a verb by now… and I’m looking at you, Oxford people) and praying that our two young boys won’t permanently injure themselves at the local skate park. Feel free to follow me on Twitter, and prepare to be underwhelmed by my musings.

Heck, while you’re at it, check me out on Github, StackOverflow and Instagram.

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14 Jan 2019 . blog . Developing a new chapter Comments

After 12 years with Dreamhost, I cut the cord and decided to branch out into the strange and challenging world of free web hosting. I reached the point where I just wasn’t making enough use of my Dreamhost account to just paying $11/month. I was hosting 2 blogs, 2 project domains, and 3 professional sites for a friend, and traffic was so low that I’m sure I didn’t even amount to statistical insignifance on their bandwidth monitors.

So I backed up as much as I could imagine, created free Wordpress sites to host all our historical...



  • Aug 2018 - Present

    Site Reliability Engineer
    @ Cordial

  • Sept 2015 - Mar 2018

    DevOps Engineer
    @ Mapp Digital

  • Aug 2004 - Sep 2015

    DevOps Engineer
    @ BlueHornet Networks


Drop me an email if you want to talk code or need a third for your Rocket League team